EzzyGroom respects users’ rights to privacy. We take utmost care, with particular concern about the protection of personal data and apply appropriate technological solutions to prevent interference of third parties. We would like every customer in our store to feel completely safe. To this effect, registration is not mandatory to browse the contents of the store or to make purchases.

  • Registration, personal data

In the order form, it is necessary to provide the following information:  Name and surname, email address, contact phone number and contact address (House number, Street name, postcode, town, county, country).

EzzyGroom informs you that they are the administrators of personal data processed within the frameowkr of the online shop, pl.ezzygroom.eu

  • Card transactions and online payments

In the event of  client wanting to make a payment by card, we refer the customers details to PayPal, where we submit the customers address as the billing address, as well as the clients email address and IP address of their computer through which the order is being made. We do not hold or process the card details of our clients.


EzzyGroom informs its customers that Cookies are active on the website from the start of the session (IE from the moment of accessing the shop to the time of leaving the webpage. Cookies are information packets that are stored on the hard drive of the user, thanks to which we can detect a genuine user. It is one of the ways we protect our customers online. All browsers have the ability to disable this service.

Cookies are used for the following reasons:

  1. Generating statistics, which help us understand how our customers make use of our website, which helps us improve their structure and content;
  2. Retaining the unique customers session, thanks to which the customer does not have to reenter their login details on each page;

Within our service, we utilise 2 types of cookes: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary packets, which are held on the customers device until the end of the session, closing the web browser, or disabling of cookies through the web browser. Persistent cookies are held indefinitely on the customers device until the moment of deleting through the browser.

Programs to view internet pages (browsers) usually automatically allow the creation of cookies on a customers device. Users can change this in the browser settings. Browsers also allow the manual deleting of cookies. For help or information on this, please refer to your browser’s help section.

Removing or altering cookie data can have negative impacts on the users experiences of the website.

We recommend reading the privacy policies of the following companies to better understand how cookie data is used: Privacy Policy of Google Analytics

  • Unwanted content

There is no space on our pages for content that does not meet Polish or International Law, or incites racial or ethnic hatred. Within our store you will not find porographic content, content considered unethical or of questionable morality.

  • Post

EzzyGroom does not send unwanted material (spam)

  • Caution

Users must remember;

  1. When using a shared device, log out of the webpage to end your session and prevent others from accessing your data;
  2. Details you provide at registration are known only to you and EzzyGroom. We promise not to share this information with third partis and would recommend that you do not share such data as well.
  3. Many people online may want to extract information about you to use against you or other people. This can be caused for fnancial gain or for recreational purposes; always be cautious when sharing details online.